"When Lucidity occurs the dreamer is suddenly aware that they are dreaming. This awareness allows them to control their dreams. The same can be achieved in the conscious world, as the mind manifests reality."

Hand made with love in Houston, Lucid Beauty Cosmetics was created for anyone who values the uniqueness of their beauty and lives fearlessly in their truth. Their vision of empowerment shows through their expression of beauty. Lucid Beauty aims to cultivate this by bringing you quality cosmetics that provide an alternative to beauty. 

A makeup line that aims to always encourage individuality, and the artistry of expression. Inspired and designed for the unapologetically beautiful.                                                                                                       


All Lucid Beauty Cosmetics products are handmade, and cruelty free. All ingredients are sourced from companies that hold the same values.

All pigment products are hand made to order, as each batch is unique, colors may vary slightly. 

You can find the full list of ingredients for each product within the product description on each product page.